Mission & Vision



Nonprofit Prince George's County's mission is to “Advance Vibrant Communities through Excellent Nonprofits” by investing in our County’s nonprofits to empower them toward excellence. We work to achieve our mission by:


  1. building the capacity of nonprofit organizations to expand service delivery, increase resources, and develop accomplished leaders to promote positive social change in our communities;

  2. providing support that engages the nonprofit community in public policy advocacy regarding various issues that directly affect their communities; and

  3. providing collaboration and networking opportunities for nonprofits to share expertise, skills and programs.




Prince George’s County will be an inclusive, vibrant, and resource-rich community with multiple pathways to a high quality of life for all residents. The County will be integrated internally and externally, and use to its best advantage its presence in the national capital area.


Prince George's County Nonprofits will be:


  • Recognized and respected as key players, taking action effectively

  • Strong, sustainable, fiscally sound, capable–observing best practices, including partnerships and collaborations

  • Fully resourced and accountable, mobilizing resources for the good of the community




We operate and are guided by values of . . .

  • Results-oriented leadership

  • Empowerment through civic engagement

  • Inclusion and collaboration

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Support of younger generations and their leadership

  • Flexibility