Nonprofit Prince George’s County (NONPROFIT PGC) is a robust network of organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals working to improve the quality of life for people who live in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Collectively, we strive to strengthen and empower nonprofits by building capacity of organizations, providing networking and collaboration opportunities, and advocating for resources.


Established as the Human Services Coalition of Prince George’s County, Inc. in 2001 and incorporated in 2003, the organization transformed to Nonprofit Prince George’s County in 2015. NONPROFIT PGC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with a full-time director who provides day-to-day management of programs.



Empowering Nonprofits . . . Strengthening Community


Each year, Nonprofit Prince George’s County empowers nonprofits to advance to their next level by taking actions that align to our mission—advancing vibrant communities through excellent nonprofits. We provide training and other support to hundreds of individuals from various public entities, private nonprofits and for-profit organizations that serve people in communities throughout the County.


Nonprofit PGC builds capacity of Prince George’s nonprofit organizations to make communities vibrant through our:


  • Numerous training and development initiatives focused on strengthening and developing nonprofit leadership and management, using the principles in the Standards for Excellence® as a framework;

  • Coaching and technical assistance to support nonprofit growth and educate community leaders; and

  • Forums and focus groups that provide more in-depth exploration of issues that are vital to building sustainable, excellent nonprofits.


NONPROFIT PGC actively seeks opportunities for the nonprofit community to network, partner and collaborate by:


  • Hosting I-2 Lunch & Learn Workshops, a monthly educational luncheon for networking and interacting with community leaders, public officials both elected and appointed, and for sharing ideas and collaborating on projects;

  • Providing information sources, such as E-lert (a weekly e-newsletter) and other announcements to promote human services organizations and inform them of issues important to the sector;

  • Facilitating affinity groups that provide a support network for organizations with similar interests; and

  • Cultivating relationships with businesses, foundations, service providers, consultants, and community leaders to leverage resources. 


NONPROFIT PGC advocates on behalf of the nonprofit sector by:


  • Organizing stakeholders to advocate on core public policy initiatives

    • increase knowledge and support for the nonprofit sector in Prince George’s County, including public officials, businesses and the general community;

    • garner support for funding in the County budget for nonprofits and on policy issues that affect nonprofits;

  • Developing policies and practices that enable nonprofits to be effective partners in the economic development of our citizens and communities; and

  • Supporting the work of the Maryland Nonprofits (our state-focused partner) as they lobby on behalf of Prince George’s nonprofits in the Maryland General Assembly..