Our Nonprofit Resource Center

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Nonprofit Prince George’s County Resource Center is an innovative work space designed for new, established and emerging nonprofit organizations at different stages of their organizational development. We offer multiple tiered solutions for organization office support at reasonable rates.

  • Tier 1 - Mailbox service for organizations that require a physical address

  • Tier 2 - Co-working space that provides shared use of open office space and a physical office address

  • Tier 3- Dedicated office space for organizations that require a professional office with systems support.

In addition to our tiered work space options, we also offer conference room rental options for both nonprofit resource center members and nonmembers. We provide these services, in addition to a range of technical assistance, to meet and support the nonprofits that serve our county.

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Interested in a work space or learning more?

10201 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway

Suite 270

Bowie, Maryland 20720

(Vista Gardens Marketplace)

Tel: 240-582-5654

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